About The Neighborhood

Jacobsville Neighborhood

The Jacobsville neighborhood is north of downtown Evansville, and is a core urban neighborhood. Jacobsville is centrally located within the City of Evansville, bounded by the Lloyd Expressway to the south, First Avenue to the west, Diamond Avenue to the north, and Governor/Garvin to the east, next to downtown Evansville.  The neighborhood is well populated with an estimated 8,000 jobs and nearly 7,000 residents that call Jacobsville home.

Jacobsville by the Numbers (1.512 Square Miles)

Jacobsville History

The original plat for Jacobsville included six blocks straddling German Street (now Mary Street) between 11th (now Columbia) and 14th (now Missouri). The plat dates to 1852, recorded on July 14th by Hanna Jacobs in her own name, and named after her, something unusual for the time.

Hanna Jacobs’ husband, Major George W. Jacobs, was the first treasurer of Vanderburgh County. He died in 1827, well before Jacobsville was platted. The town was annexed into Evansville around 1868.

The Hanna Jacobs’ house at 609 W. Maryland St. was built around 1860 and razed in 2003. Hanna Jacobs was born in 1798 and died in 1888.

As the north side of Evansville grew, Jacobsville became known as an industrious area and was considered by many as a blue collar neighborhood. To learn more about Jacobsville’s rich history in industry, architecture and people visit the Jacobsville Join In YouTube channel “Jacobsville History” playlist. 

What’s Happening Here

There are numerous resources in Jacobsville including: parks, churches, community organizations, school systems, libraries, public spaces, associations, events, and programs.  The Jacobsville Neighborhood Improvement Association and North Side Business Association are the neighborhood mainstays offering support to residents and businesses.

The Evansville Redevelopment Commission approved a neighborhood master plan and an expansion to the Jacobsville Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District called the Jacobsville Redevelopment Area.

To highlight the city’s offerings North Main Street , which lies in the heart of Jacobsville, was designated as one of five Cultural Districts to jump start the effort and to show the city’s commitment to business vitality in the up-and-coming neighborhood.

Jacobsville is known for its active antique and thrift shops; exciting, unique eateries and establishments; and iconic landmarks: Historic Garvin Park and Bosse Field, James Bethel Gresham Memorial Home, Pigeon Creek Greenway, and the North Main Street Gateway mural.


The Jacobsville neighborhood hosts annual one-of-a-kind events including: